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All the things that need updating…

So, regarding sleep and scheduling, I'm sad to report that my Dymaxion adaptation, while it was going well and I was really starting to feel like I'd gotten it, did not survive the recent U.S. election.  I'm envious of people who can work right through something like that without floundering, but that tidal wave of angering and worrying news hit me hard, and there's no sleep schedule that could have survived it, even if it wasn't a tricksy one that I was barely used to.  *siggggh*


1) I liked a lot about Dymaxion, and it felt perfectly great for 2 days before the crap hit the fan, so I'm hoping to do it again.

2)  I will *never* do a "gradual adaptation" again; that was pure awful and zero help.

3) After a week of bouncing everywhere in terms of sleep, food, and just about everything else, I've mostly gotten myself settled back into E3.  I'm gonna stay here a while, and like I said, keep an eye out for good-seeming oportunities to try Dymaxion again.  This is now an absolutely impossible time to transition anything major, though; the most I'm hoping for is to be able to stay stable and healthy and strengthen my center while the world goes nuts around me.  :/

More stuff:  I'm planning to smash all my websites together, not sure when, but, if you have thoughts or notice changes and want to talk about them, feel free.  Currently I have 4 sites in varying states of okay-ness running on separate WordPress instances; I'd like to turn them into one site with four "wings" that I can update from one interface.  Stay tuned for THAT mess while I figure it out, lol.

I'm working this week to get my hour-a-day-minimum exercise regimen back on track, since it'd been deteriorating / getting sloppy for a while now, and yeah the last 2 weeks destroyed that too.  It'll be hard to motivate to go swimming regularly, with the weather being cold and time feeling crunchy and high anxiety always looming, but I'm up for the challenge!  This will be a swimming-ful winter!

Talk to you all more soon; I keep having ideas by the bucketful, and being too psychologically exhausted to share them.  This, too, I'm hoping, will soon change.

Here's to change:  As it is inevitable, may it at least sometimes be kind.


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